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FermaT Workbench

The FermaT Workbench provides a suite of integrated tools designed specifically to improve Assembler code comprehension and maintenance productivity. The Workbench provides organisations with a graphical view of the code at both a system and an individual module level, automatically documenting the system and producing Call Graphs and Flowcharts to aid understanding and documenting its structure and logic.
The FermaT Workbench provides complete system visibility whilst also improving productivity and reducing the risk of changes to the existing system. Resulting in faster/controlled system improvement and product time to market.
Individual module dependencies (calls to macros, copybooks and other modules) are shown in the Function Catalogue, which is integrated with all the other tools. Information about a program's data usage is captured and displayed within the Workbench Data Catalogue, providing the developer with information on each particular data item's structure, format and type.
All of the various Workbench tools are integrated via a common repository populated by a sophisticated Assembler parsing technology. The imported code is automatically analysed for Data Flows and Control Dependencies, this enables the FermaT Workbench to immediately identify Dead and Redundant Code within modules.
Using the unique properties of the WSL Migration System, the FermaT Workbench also provides the ability to perform Business Rule Extraction (also known as Code Slicing) on individual data elements within an Assembler module. Slicing can be performed both backwards (how was the data value generated?) or forwards (what code is impacted by this data element?) or bi-directionally to accurately determine the impact of change on a module.
Fermat architecture diagram
The workbench also includes an integrated, Assembler-sensitive Editor and Data Tracking facility that is be used to track how and where a particular data item is used within the often complex logic of an Assembler application.
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The parser, together with Fermat's unique intermediate language and powerful program transformations, captures all the information necessary to enable a developer to quickly and accurately maintain even complex, poorly documented Assembler code.
Detailed description of the Fermat Workbench including screenshots and examples.

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