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Company Profile

SML is the world’s leading expert in legacy Assembler comprehension and migration. It helps companies to regain control of their core systems.


SML was born out of ground-breaking research at Durham University in the 1980s, which led to the development of its core technology.


Through its unique product offerings of the FermaT Workbench & FermaT Migration Service, SML can analyse, document, modernise and migrate even the most complex Assembler code.


Our solutions allow our customers to more effectively manage and maintain their existing Assembler systems or to modernise the code in a 100% automated fashion whilst retaining the years of development effort that allow these systems to service the business and maintain competitive edge.


Forward thinking companies who address their core Legacy Assembler systems are finding that the benefits include:

  • Easier compliance with corporate governance regulation
  • Improved response to business development demands
  • Reduced IT costs and improved productivity
  • Improved new product time to market
  • Increased system flexibility

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