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FermaT Solutions

FermaT is a generic name for a set of tools designed specifically for Assembler analysis, transformation and migration.
  • FermaT Workbench - Designed specifically to automatically analyse and document complex Assembler applications. The FermaT Workbench provides a combination of tools essential to the productive management and maintenance of your systems, enabling developers to quickly and easily understand, analyse and document even the most complex of Assembler applications.
  • FermaT Migration Service - The FermaT Migration Service utilises SML’s core transformation technology to provide completely automated Assembler to C and Assembler to COBOL code transformation. Using a combination of SML’s unique semantics preserving code transformations together with a specially developed intermediate transformation language (WSL), the FermaT Migration Service can generate 100% of the transformed code automatically. The resultant code is readable, easily maintainable and can be tailored to incorporate customer specific coding standards
Each of the these tools can be used separately for specific maintenance and analysis projects, or combined to support a complete transformation from Assembler to either C or COBOL.
The FermaT Workbench is available for purchase directly from SML or can be used as part of a joint SML-customer project. The Fermat Migration Service is available as service performed by experienced SML consultants working with customers' programmers to validate the migration.

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