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Here at SML we try to be as collaborative as possible. We believe that by working together great things can be achieved. The world of Assembler is a complex one and our Toolset can make your life easier, whether you are maintaining a large body of code or trying to modernise and move your Assembler to the cloud. SML can help you just get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the SML Toolset and approach?2022-09-09T10:29:07+01:00

There are benefits at a number of levels. From the code assessment, there are benefits in scoping, costing and planning your programme. We take away the guesswork and allow you to more accurately set timescales and divide the work among your teams in the full knowledge of the size and complexity of the code you are modernising.

From an analysis point of view, we believe we significantly improve analysis and developer productivity and accuracy. We believe our tools shine a light on your code and allow business rules extraction in a much more accurate and faster way than any manual code analysis can achieve.

How do I engage with SML?2022-09-09T10:30:10+01:00

The typical SML collaboration starts with an introduction call or an email followed by an introduction call. The call allows us both to find out about each other and determine if there is an opportunity for SML to help. The next stage is really for SML to process a sample of your code and move it into a Dashboard for you to see our visualisations. This will allow you to see how the SML Toolset can really help you to progress your Modernisation programme.

How does the SML Toolset differ from other products in the market?2022-09-09T10:31:43+01:00

We think we have a unique approach and this has been developed over a number of years. The mathematics at the heart of our engine is not found anywhere else, it is unique. This allows us to process all of your code automatically and accurately. It means that the artefacts you are looking at are complete and accurate. In short you can make decisions on your programme in the knowledge nothing has been missed.

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